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Initial Consultation

 1 h 20 min  |  $ 202.86 + GST

Three Steps.


Case History

Osteopathy considers biological, psychological and social factors instead of viewing a symptom in isolation. During the session, we will begin by asking you questions to gain a good understanding of your general health, medical history and present complaint.


Physical Examination

This will be followed by a physical assessment and additional physical tests. These steps are important so we can understand which approach is more likely to work best for you and whether or not the care we provide is appropriate for your case.



Once agreed on the treatment option, we may also advise you on exercise, diet or lifestyle changes which could help manage or improve your condition. Where necessary, and only with your permission, we may write a letter to your physician or other healthcare practitioners if a referral is indicated.

Core principles

A core principle of osteopathy is that wellbeing is dependent on how each person is able to function and adapt to changes in physical capability and their environment. Thus, sessions are one-on-one, hands-on and tailored to each patient's unique needs.

What to wear

You may be asked to undress, so we kindly recommend you to choose clothes you may feel comfortable wearing during your examination (such as, shorts and swimwear). This will allow us to thoroughly examine you and consider the relevance of different parts of the body to your presenting problem. For female clients, a bra that opens at the back is best in case there is a need to access the back during treatment.


You are welcome to bring a chaperone if you wish and we recommend you to plan to attend along with your child if your child is the patient.

Your first consultation will take a minimum of 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on each case. Therefore, we suggest that you allow 2 hours of parking time so your appointment is not rushed.

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