Initial Consultation

Sessions are one-on-one, hands-on and specifically tailored to each patient's needs.

Initial consultation consists of three steps: case history, physical examination...

1 h 20 min       $191.25 + GST

Follow-up 60 min

Longer treatment time is advisable for patients with multiple complaints or more complicated cases that require extra care.

1 h       $160.00 + GST

Follow-up 45 min

Follow-up appointments are usually shorter in length and last approximately 45 minutes.

45 min     $128.57 + GST

Manual Functional Lymphatic Drainage

This is a full-body technique that uses light pressure and gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph, reduce muscle tension and toxins in your body...

45 min     $128.57 + GST

Homecare Initial Consultation

Home visits are available for patients located in Downtown. Ideal for those who want to make the most of their time, have mobility issues and/or prefer to be treated in...

1 h 20 min       $200.00 + GST

Homecare Treatment


One-on-one personalized care in the comfort and convenience of your home

1 h       $191.25 + GST